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Standards for Environmental Testing of Telecommunication Equipment.-SD:QM-333 (March 2010)

QM-333 is a specific environmental testing standard for telecommunication equipment. It is likely a document or standard developed by a specific organization or company. The details of the standard may vary depending on the specific organization or company that developed it.

In general, environmental testing for telecommunication equipment involves subjecting the equipment to various environmental conditions to ensure that it can operate reliably in different situations. Some of the environmental factors that may be tested include temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference.

If you have more specific questions about QM-333 or environmental testing for telecommunication equipment, please let me know and I will do my best to provide additional information.

  • Description of test methods
  • Test No. 1: Low temperature (Cold Cycle)
  • Test No. 2 : High temperature (Dry Heat Cycle)
  • Test No. 3 :Tropical exposure (Damp Heat Cyclic)
  • Test No. 4 :Rapid temperature cycle
  • Test No. 5:Damp heat (Steady state)
  • Test No. 6:Vibration Test
  • Test No. 7:Sealing (Gas tightness)/ High Altitude
  • Test No. 8:Water immersion
  • Test No. 9 : Corrosion – Salt
  • Test No. 10:Drop Test
  • Test No. 11:Topple test
  • Test No. 12:Fall test
  • Test No. 13:Bump / Roadability
  • Test No. 14:Rain Test
  • Test No. 15:Dust Test